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A ferocious tiger lurks in the World; it is invisible. Its presence is felt suddenly and without warning. The "prey" may experience shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, a horrifying feeling of impending doom, feelings of loss of control, anger, fear of dying, something stuck in the throat, or butterflies in the stomach. With each successive encounter with this "Tiger", the person becomes more and more incapacitated; eventually it becomes a great effort to drive to the store, drive over bridges or go on the interstate, going to the movies, church or restaurant. That avoidance of activities or of places is what we call agoraphobia.

The good news: did you know that this unprovoked and unexpected "Fight or Flight" or Panic Attack is a biochemical imbalance that can be treated, controlled and often cured if treated early enough.

Well, you’re not!
Your apprehensions are very real.

But people who have never experienced these fears can never truly understand that you’re in real pain, that this kind of anxiety, while temporary, is an actual, physical and biochemical condition with emotional symptoms.

No, you are not disturbed or "crazy"

You may merely be experiencing PANIC ATTACKS.

And they can be treated, sometimes even cured.

Dr. M. J. Gimeno on Panic Attack and Other Disorders.

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